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Getting a Headstart with Enterprise Mobility Solutions | Efficiency Focused Solutions

Getting a Headstart with Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Can a strong enterprise mobility strategy help you beat your competition? Can it help you get a jump on your biggest competitor by allowing you to react faster to essential customer information? In order to answer these questions, think of what happens when your salespeople visit customers. Think about the information they gain from those visits and how important it is that you get that information as soon as possible. Imagine the impact when you, and everyone at the head office, get all the vital information needed to win the business. Now imagine the difference between getting that information instantaneously, and having to wait until the next morning when you finally receive your salesperson’s trip report. Do those 12 to 24 hours really make a difference? Absolutely! Can you better use that time to get a jump on your competition? Yes, you can.

Mobile Devices Are Essential in Today’s Economy

One of the reasons why enterprise mobility devices are so important in today’s economy is because they allow everyone to work in real-time. They connect individuals in different time zones, ones who are often a world away and ones who almost always have different schedules. After all, it’s not only customers who are constantly on the move. All of us are always on the move, always mobile and always reachable through our mobile devices. Businesses need enterprise mobility solutions so that everyone in the value chain can access information when it’s needed. It’s not just salespeople that must converse with management. It’s the salesperson who must get back to customer service and to the procurement department. It’s the salesperson who must check inventory counts on finished goods and who must be able to check with the warehouse and shipping department in order to make sure the customer’s shipment will arrive on time.

Mobile Devices Fix Scheduling Conflicts

Think of how often you get interrupted and how you’re not always able to take that all-important call. Think of how busy your salespeople are as they rush from one customer visit to the next. You don’t always have the time to call each other up and get all the necessary information. Both of you have schedules and they often conflict with one another. However, when both of you have rugged handheld computers, you’re both able to update each other at your own pace. In fact, as is often the case, you’ll find that people in the head office have already proceeded with their own tasks. They’ve been proactive and have push forward in helping the company win the business. That’s what it takes to succeed. That’s what it takes to beat your competition. In most cases, the one constant that always wins the day is when your company gets back to the customer sooner than your competitor does. Better yet, it’s when your entire team has access to the same information at the same time. Companies can ill afford to deal with delays. The days of waiting for vital customer information are over. Your entire business development team must have access to rugged handheld computers. It will improve how they transfer information to the head office and how your entire team wins business. Losing business, simply because you lacked the information to act, is no longer an acceptable outcome. Upgrade your processes. Give your business development team the tools to succeed. Narrow the gap between you and your competitors. Don’t rationalize lost business simply because you don’t have access to timely information. Use rugged handheld computers and mobile devices to get the jump on your competitors.

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