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Can Rugged Handheld Computers Improve the Performance of Your Sales Team? | Efficiency Focused Solutions

Can Rugged Handheld Computers Improve the Performance of Your Sales Team?

There are a myriad of books, courses, and training tools aimed at helping salespeople win more business. Some focus on improving B2B (business to business) customer relationships, some focus on the shorter sales cycles present in B2C (business to consumer) sales, and yet others concentrate on more complex sales, ones typically associated with large contractual agreements. However, what is the ultimate indicator of the ability for a salesperson to close a sale? Is it their “gift of gab”, their ability to turn a “no” into a “yes,” or is it simply their ability to get that customer the essential information they need to make an informed decision? Well, when you step back and take an honest look at sales, it becomes readily apparent that success often comes down to the ability to provide information in a timely manner. While not the only indicator of success, the ability of a salesperson to give accurate information does make a difference. With this in mind, a number of companies are helping their salespeople close more business via their rugged handheld computers. Salespersons today must be connected and mobile! They must be able to provide customers with immediate information, and it is this ability that often means the difference between business won and lost. So what are some of the immediate benefits of empowering your sales team with rugged mobile computers?

  1. Ease of Data Transfer: Sales professionals must be able to compete in today’s global market place. In an economy where all your competitors are online, your ability to distinguish your company’s value proposition is of utmost importance. Nothing does that as well as ensuring your sales team has access to mobile devices, ones that ensure that data transfer is immediate. Imagine how much simpler it will be to manage all aspects of your customer’s business when sales can provide instant feedback. This ability definitely makes an impression!
  2. Instant Updates: Sometimes salespeople are required to turn a “no” into a “yes,” and that ability often depends upon the salesperson having access to the most up-to-date information. Salespeople are always more effective when they can immediately answer questions. Your company’s enterprise mobility devices will allow your sales team to answer any and all questions pertaining to stock availability, pricing, shipment volumes, destinations and routing issues. All of this information can be made available through the salesperson’s mobile device. This information can then be discussed during the customer visit.
  3. More Accurate Forecasts: What do your salespeople do when they’re on the road and they need to update their sales forecasts? Do they have to wait until they get back to the hotel? Do they call in their revised numbers to the head office, and hope those numbers are accurately recorded? Or, do they have to wait until they get back to the office and hope that information isn’t lost? Bottom line, giving your salespeople rugged mobile devices allows them to immediately adjust their sales forecasts. The most important part of this equation is memory retention. It’s far easier to retain information when it’s recorded immediately. Over time, that information is easily forgotten. Sales forecasts must be live, up-to-date, and must be representative of the current customer demand in the market. Accurate forecasts mean accurate inventory. When your salespeople have mobile devices, they can immediately register any changes to their forecast. They can do this at the customer’s location, or immediately after their visit. This will save your company time and money, while ensuring your salespeople are constantly feeding your head office with information.
  4. Immediate Pricing and Product Availability: Contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t uncommon for deals to be made on the spot. It isn’t uncommon for sales to occur at the customer’s location, in the buyer’s office, or with the customer at lunch. Your salespeople will be empowered to close more orders simply because they’ll have instant access to pricing and inventory availability via their handheld computers. There’s no need to call the head office. There’s no need to waste valuable customer face time trying to figure out what’s available and when. Your salesperson will simply check their mobile handheld computer and instantly provide updates. It really is that simple.

Unfortunately, the sales profession is often known for stretching the truth. The reality is that salespeople are often asked to cover up for some of the inaccuracies and mistakes occurring at the head office, mistakes that typically occur because the company’s operations rely upon manual processes. It’s these mistakes that make salespeople, and the company, look bad. However, they are also mistakes that can be eliminated by upgrading the company’s operations with enterprise mobility solutions. In the end, that will help your company secure more business.

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