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Rugged Mobile Devices: Distinguish Your Product and Service Offering | Efficiency Focused Solutions

Rugged Mobile Devices: Distinguish Your Product and Service Offering

Can enterprise SMB mobility hardware help to distinguish the product and service offering of a company? Granted, this may seem like an odd question. However, there are reasons to believe that a company with solid, up-to-date mobile business applications give it the upper hand versus competitors who rely upon manual processes. Think of how mobile devices can help a company provide more accurate information to customers. Think of how easily that information flows from the sales force, and customer service departments, all the way to the end-user customer base. Finally, think of how customers feel when they are serviced by a supplier that is always ready to serve. Companies distinguish themselves by their ability to provide timely information. More importantly, they distinguish their value propositions by their ability to immediately deliver on what they promise. Mobile business applications do exactly that because they are predicated on providing consistent, accurate and timely data to customers. This, more than anything else, helps a company to distinguish its value proposition, and it is this value proposition that speaks to the strength of the product and service offering for a company.

Mobile Devices and Your Company’s Value Proposition

When you think of your company’s value proposition, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Do you think only of your product’s features and benefits? Or, do you also think of your excellence in customer service? If you’ve answered yes to this last question, then doesn’t accurate information play a role in how you describe your product’s attributes and ultimately, how you service your client base? Absolutely! Your company’s ability to immediately answer any and all customer questions gives you a distinct advantage over your competition. That advantage allows you to not only better manage the customer’s expectations, but it ultimately empowers your sales and customer service team to better service your customer base. So what are some examples of how your mobile devices can help you better distinguish your company’s product and service offering?

Comparing Manual Process to the Accuracy of Mobile Devices

When your competitors need time to get back to customers, all your sales team needs is to check their rugged mobile computer. When your competition’s sales representative has to call the head office about part availability and pricing, all your sales representative needs to do is check his or her mobile device. When it takes your competition hours or days to get customers an answer, it will only take your sales team mere seconds to respond. Now, does this help your company better define its product’s features and benefits? Does it empower your sales team to immediately answer customer questions and address concerns? More importantly, does this ability allow your company to better service your customer base? The answer to each of these aforementioned questions is a resounding “yes,” it does!

Your company’s ability to accentuate its product offering starts with the ability to handle your customer’s most pressing concerns. In essence, it’s all about maintaining momentum and keeping customers engaged. When they hear of a new product and service offering, they want a salesperson who can immediately respond to their needs, and the ability to respond quickly ultimately means the difference between business won or lost.

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